The Origins of Passages Malibu

After 10 years of being controlled by addiction, Pax Prentiss finally confessed to his father, Chris, that he had a serious problem with alcohol, cocaine, and heroin, and he needed help. For the past decade, he had spiraled into a lifestyle of lies and thievery, isolating himself from his friends, family, and the world until he had no one left. Together, the two of them set out on a quest to end Pax’s addictions and find him a new purpose in life.

In the beginning, all of the conventional approaches failed them. Pax really wanted to get sober, but group meetings, 12-step programs, and hospital emergency rooms were unable to provide Pax with sustainable results. He would always relapse after a short stint of sobriety. After a while, Chris and Pax began to suspect that there was something wrong with conventional methods to drug and alcohol addiction.

For one, these treatments always forced Pax to call himself an addict who needed to be healed from a disease. This harsh labeling only served to reinforce the negative feelings that Pax already had brewing inside, and caused him to feel an even greater urge to use drugs and alcohol to escape this sense of learned helplessness. Secondly, group sessions were not providing Pax with the one-on-one attention that he needed. If anything, having to talk about his addictions in front of strangers was embarrassing and counterproductive. Sometimes he felt like he couldn’t fully open up about his problems with everyone watching so closely.

Having exhausted traditional methods, the two soon chanced upon holistic healing. Unlike modern treatments, this alternative approach empowers the individual and has absolutely no negative labeling. The one-on-one exercises provided ample attention that group therapies had been lacking, and results soon followed. Pax was able to heal himself more this way than any other treatment he had ever tried before.

Holistic healing, Pax and Chris learned, was more than just physically detoxifying a person from substances. The key was identifying the underlying causes of addiction that were driving a person to use drugs and alcohol. Once these core reasons were properly identified and resolved, then the desire to use drugs and alcohol was lifted as well. Pax was able to reverse a decade’s worth of poor decisions and toxic substances by embracing holistic therapy in this way.

After their personal success with holistic therapy, the father-son team became founders of Passages Malibu in 2001. Passages Malibu was the first luxury rehab center to use holistic methods for treating drug and alcohol abuse, and today it continues to help hundreds of people every year from all over the world. After more than 15 years of fine-tuning their holistic approach, Passages Malibu betters communities on a global scale, one addiction at a time.