The Philosophy of Passages Malibu

One thing Passages Malibu will never do is classify an addiction as a disease. This incorrect methodology simultaneously cheapens the powerful nature of an addiction while directly placing the blame on the individual. In addition, labeling a client as an “addict” with a “disease” reinforces a person’s feelings of helplessness, which in turn increases their desires to use so that they can escape the feelings that arise from negative stereotyping.

Rather than telling you that you have a disease, we choose to focus on treating you with dignity and respect. Passages Malibu will never force you into crowded group meetings and make you recite (and reinforce) your helplessness in front of random strangers. Instead, we use one-on-one therapies with a wide range of specialists to ensure you receive all of the attention and comfort you need at every moment.

Our positive organic values will help guide you towards unlocking important physical and spiritual epiphanies. Not only will you be physically cleansed of all addictive chemicals, you will also be mentally balanced as well. Counselors, psychologists, doctors, and other licensed medical professionals will work with you to ensure that you are adequately prepared to develop new life strategies to quickly replace the harmful habits you once had.

As you can see, our unique philosophy and positive approach is what differentiates us from other luxury rehab centers in California. When you are ready for a holistic treatment program that will treat you like a person and finally give you all of the respect you deserve, then call us to speak to a live admissions specialist today.

The Four Reasons for Addiction

We believe the principles behind any addiction can be summarized into four basic categories: